Saturday, September 1, 2018

A View From The East

Well hello and welcome back. I trust that everyone had a good summer.
Your Lodge would like to welcome you back starting with our annual corn
roast on September 5th. As always, RWB Cygan finds some of the best corn
on the cob in the area and grilles it to perfection. We will also have hot dogs
and hamburgers to round things out.

We have several things to discuss at our meeting, among which is one
proposed By Laws change. It would change the number of stated meetings
from two to one. Please see page 9.

I was informed that our second stated meeting, September 19th, fell on
international “Talk like a Pirate” day. Worshipful Brother Stitak has put
together an interesting educational program about piracy, both historical and
current. It sounds like it will be informative and enjoyable meeting that you
will not want to miss, especially if you already have an eye patch. So, be
prepared to talk (and look if you so choose) like a pirate!

September 26th we will be trying out something new, “Trivial Per-Soup”.
For starts I’d like everyone to make and bring in a crock-pot of soup, DO
NOT tell anyone what you are bringing, when you arrive, you will be given a
random number and your pot set on a table, small taster cups will be available
to taste all the soups available, larger bowls will be passed out later. If you
cannot bring a pot, feel free to bring something that will accompany soup.
Everyone will then have two votes for their favorites. Meanwhile, each table in
the Lodge room will have a box of “Trivial Pursuit” cards on it. Young player
edition and “Disney” edition will be available as needed. Everyone at the table
will take turns asking and answering questions, if you answer correctly, you
keep the card. At the end of one hour, the person with the most cards from
each table will enter a showdown round where six questions will be asked and
the one who answers the most correctly will be declared the “Trivia King” (or
Queen). at that time the soup with the most votes will be announce. We hope
this will become an entertaining family night and who knows, you might even
discover a new favorite soup.

On October 10th, the Lodge will be conducting a memorial night for all our
departed Brethren and October 31st, we will be dark so as not to be “tricked”
by disappointed “treaters”.

As you can see, John W. Barkley Lodge is a very busy and active Lodge and
we look forward to seeing YOU at any, or all our events.
WB Robert Wakefield
Worshipful Master

Barkley Light: September/October 2018

Below is a link to the September/October edition of the Barkley Light.  Enjoy and we look forward to seeing you at the Lodge!