Saturday, January 2, 2016

A View from the East

Well now. How about this! These guys elected me to the East, again! It seems to me that this year might be a bit easier. No major milestones to plan for, already married to the most wonderful woman I know, yes sir, what could be better than this. I’m looking forward to an eventful year. We have a short time to put this all together, and a budget and it may seem a little disheveled at first, but we will be ready to “answer all bells” directly. This next bit might sound familiar… it is, mostly because it’s true.
You should also realize that I have some excellent help to pull this off. You have also elected a supporting cast that will be as aware of events, issues, and things as they are known. You should feel free to speak with any Officer regarding questions that may arise. We will have communications ongoing. Supporting cast will also be preparing for their work in Lodge so that things may run smoothly. It may be fun to sit in the “chairs” but there is work there also. I encourage the Officers to seek help, if needed, to perform their tasks from more experienced Brethren. Just as I will be consulting our Past Masters for guidance and advice on occasion, they should also be comfortable seeking help. With everyone on board, I expect we’ll be ready. We will be encouraging our newer Brothers to learn Lectures and Charges, to participate, in any and all capacities, to fit in, feel welcome in their Lodge.
Brethren, we will hit the ground running. There is a lot to do, people to Initiate, Pass, and Raise. We’re on it. We have events scheduled. Please consult the Trestle Board, if it’s in there, that’s what it is. If we have to change something for an emergency, cancellation or some very good reason, you will have due notice.
We will be doing our usual and customary events, some of them anyway. We have a few new ideas to flush out, which include the Brethren and their families. We are looking to involve the members of our Lodge to build our Lodge.
There are some things to mention here. The Installation on 4 December is next. I hope I remember to enjoy it this time. After that… we’re off and running. There is some good stuff going on and I’d like to see the Brethren take a part. I expect that if we do it well, they’ll be there, maybe not at first, but if you like what going on, put the word out. If you don’t like it, see me.
Again, we have a children’s Christmas Party on 19 Dec. Awards Night is 9 Dec. Past Masters Night is February 24th. There is much more, please consult the Trestle Board in the Barkley Light. We will be busy.

~ Larry Dooley W. M.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Barkley Light: January/February 2016

Below is a link to the January/February edition of the Barkley Light.  Enjoy and we look forward to seeing you at the Lodge!

Barkley Light: January/February 2016