Monday, January 28, 2013


Barkley Lodge Officers 2013

Well now. How about this! These guys elected me to the East. I am honored not only for the position, but for the trust and confidence placed with it. Your words of encouragement and support have been more than I was expecting. This being our Centennial Year (actual date 23 October, 1913) brings a bit more to the Master than usual. I assure you that I am aware and will do the very best I can to make this a memorable year for all of you. Always keeping in mind that I serve the Lodge and the Brethren, I am somewhat humbled. Thank you for the opportunity to serve.

You should also realize that I have some excellent help to pull this off. You have also elected a supporting cast that will be as aware of events, issues, and things as they are known. You should feel free to speak with any Officer regarding questions that may arise. We will have communications ongoing. Supporting cast will also be preparing for their work in Lodge so that things may run smoothly. It may be fun to sit in the “chairs,” but there is work there also. I encourage the Officers to seek help, if needed, to perform their tasks from more experienced Brethren. Just as I will be consulting our Past Masters for guidance and advice on occasion, they should also be comfortable seeking help. With everyone on board, I expect we’ll be ready.

Brethren, we will hit the ground running. There is a lot to do, people to Initiate, Pass, and Raise. We’re on it. We have events scheduled. Please consult the Trestle Board, if it’s in there, that’s what it is. If we have to change something for an emergency, cancellation or some very good reason, you will have due notice.

Truthfully, I have been looking forward to this. The Budget is solid, (a deficit budget but solid), our Investments are working much better than they were; you will be getting a quarterly report on budget status in Lodge. My point is to keep the Brethren informed about their Lodge.

There are some things to mention here. The Grand Master will have a One Day Class this year. May 11th is the day; all paperwork needs to be in by April 1st. WB Hubert will be on top of this. The DEO has a roll-out program this year that is a bit different, WB Shultz will be on that.

Congratulations to our own WB Tom Klecan on his election to the CCBLA as president. We’re proud to have Tom assume his new duties and look forward to a strong year working with the CCBLA.

The Installation on 30 Nov. is next. I hope I remember to enjoy it. After that ... we’re off and running. There is some good stuff going on and I’d like to see the Brethren take part. I expect that if we do it well, they’ll be there, maybe not at first, but if you like what is going on, put the word out. If you don’t like it, see me.

Again, we held a children’s Christmas Party on 15 Dec. Awards Night was 12 Dec. Past Masters Night is Jan 9th. There is much more, please consult the Trestle Board in the Barkley Light. We will be busy.

—Bro. Larry Dooley, WM.