Friday, November 19, 2010

Improving Our Visibility

The advent of social networking has expanded our ability to reach out to our extended families, distant friends, and our Brethren wheresoever dispersed. As a 21st century Lodge it is imperative that we use the technology of the time to improve and increase our contact with others. Whether it be news on upcoming events or recaps of past meetings, the email and communication channels like Facebook have made the dissemination of information extremely easy and powerful.

It is for this reason we introduce the initiative of increasing our online visibility. John W. Barkley Lodge is constantly at work through our meetings, social events, and degree work. I encourage you to join our Facebook group and subscribe to our blog through RSS or email. What I encourage the most is for you to pass this information onto your Brothers. Spread the word about the Barkley website and Facebook page. Recommend others to sign-up or subscribe. Let's increase our visibility and welcome our visitors online as we do in our Lodge.

What makes this Fraternity great is our diversity. Technology has created a wonderful medium to keep our Brethren informed. Keep in touch and visit your Lodges local and abroad.

Join our Facebook page by clicking below.

Jason Stitak, PM
John W. Barkley Lodge #621

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